Junior Soccer Sign On

Looking for soccer that isn’t affected by rain?

Register your child for Junior soccer for  week 2-8 of Term 3 of school

Phone 3482 2968 for more details

7 thoughts on “Junior Soccer Sign On

  1. Hi Amanda – please go to our Northside Indoor sport and fitness junior soccer page on facebook – all the information is there
    Its every Wednesday from 4pm but we have formed teams and i can allocate a team for him. call 3482 2968

  2. Hi Amanda,
    Our junior and pee wee soccer runs each school term.
    Junior is Wednesday from 4.15pm and Pee Wees is from 5pm every Thursday.
    These run week 2 to week 9 of each of the school Terms
    Call 3482 2968 if you would like to register a player
    Please also join our NOrthside Indoor Sport & Fitness Junior Soccer group on Facebook
    Thank you

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